My box or channels not working properly ?

Simply restart you box fix most of problems.

Want to improve picture quality?

Reduce sharpen of your TV (sony, LG, Samsung etc) setting to zero and adjust contrast and brightness may improve picture quality. To adjust setting using your TV remote. Please check HDMI Settings.

Which HDMI Setting should I select?

If you are using latest TV with HDMI option please select 720p 50 HZ (works with all latest TV.) or you can choose above settings 720p60 HZ, 1080p, 1080i.

No image or No Mod support appears on screen?

1) First Check

a) Check that the box is it on?

See if the LED on the front of the box is green. If not, check the power supply.

b) Check that you have connected the HDMI cable or T-connecter to your TV?

From TV remote control select “source”, “AV” or HDMI, “INPUT”.

2) if above steps dose not solve the problems then follow this steps

a) switch off you internet modem or router

b) Restart you realtvbox and wait 2 minute

c) press and hold number ‘4’ from your real Tv remote which bring screen setting to 480 60 Hz

You can use this numer to change to screen settings

press ‘1’ on your Real TV bring to 720 60Hz

press ‘2’ on your Real TV bring to 720 50Hz

press ‘3’ on your Real TV bring to 576i 50Hz

press ‘4’ on your Real TV bring to 480 60Hz

The picture freezes and lagging?

A. Internet test

Real TV run on internet and consume high bandwidth. 99% of time problem is due to your internet. Follow step to check your internet speed

• Please check your internet speed ( ) and should be more then 2Mbps stable speed.

• Most of time internet problem fixed by just switch off your modem/router for 1 minute and then restart back or reset your modem

• If your device not getting enough speed then pleases contact your internet provider.

IF you device is connect with WIFI

B. Need to check WIFI signal strength

Restart you Real TV box from main power.

Once you restart you box keep press and release Menu button as soon as you restart you box.

You will see start and setting page.

Go to setting-> Network-> WIFI

Check you WIFI network strength which will show in percentage. If you have less than 80% signal strength. Please check your modem setting or get better modem.

I want the latest firmware?

The Real TV automatically update your firmware if it available by a prompt message to upgrade to latest firmware.

The picture is not entirely, black bands appear on the sides?

Adjust the aspect ratio of your TV ( Your TV set sony/samsung/LG etc) to 16:9 format.

Some channels do not have sound.

For fix please follow this steps:

STEP 1) Press MENU button from REAL TV Remote, which takes you to Home screen

STEP 2) Now go to Settings

STEP 3) Go to video settings and choose one of below settings and restart you box from main power. If issue still exist then choose other settings

HDMI 720p 50 HZ

HDMI 720p 60 HZ

HDMI 1080 50 HZ

HDMI 1080 60 HZ

Alert! Restart your Real TV from Main Power after choosing any settings